State Wide Area Network (SWAN)


The Nation wide SWAN Scheme for 29 States & 6 Union Territories, at an estimated of Rs. 3334 Crores was approved by Govt. of India in March 2005 to set up State Wide Area Networks (SWAN) interconnecting each State/UT Head Quarter with District Headquarter and below each District Headquarter with the block Headquarter with minimum 2Mbps Lease Line.

The objective of the scheme is to create a secure close user group (CUG) Govt. network for the purpose of delivering G2G and G2C services.

The duration of project of 5 years has been completed and now the project has been handed over to State Govt. Therefore now, ITDA has been nominated as the implementing agency for the project by the State Govt. From 1 July 2015 onwards all the project activities are being carried out by ITDA.

Current Status

UKSWAN network is operational through 133 Point of Presence (PoPs) as vertical connectivity upto Block / Tehsil level. Under UKSWAN, 10 Mbps Lease Line between State Headquarter (SHQ) to District Headquarters (DHQs) and 02 Mbps Lease line from District Headquarters (DHQs) to Tehsil/Blocks (THQ/BHQ) is being provided through BSNL. SWAN equipment are End of Life & End of Support. Presently approx. 1332 offices have been connected through horizontal SWAN connectivity. Apart from this, National Knowledge Network (NKN) has also been integrated with UKSWAN upto district level except DHQ Dehradun. State Government has approved Bandwidth upgradation from 10 Mbps/34 Mbps at 113 THQ/BHQ PoP and order has been placed on BSNL for the same and 105 sites have been upgraded by BSNL. GSTN is being routed through UKSWAN, therefore, BSNL has requested to expedite and complete upgradation work immediately. DPR for SWAN upgradation has been approved by State Government.

Village Ghes & Himani of District Chamoli is now connected through SWAN. Continuous VC session/smart class sessions with GIC Ghes and Himni is being conducted about computer introduction and awareness.

RFP for UKSAWAN upgradation for Phase-I has been floated on e-tendering portal on 19th June 2018.  The pre-bid conference is scheduled on 23rd July 2018, 3 p.m. at ITDA office.